Accounting and Bookkeeping Questions

ARI provides services that one individual cannot possibly equal. Clients often report that our services are less costly than hiring a full-time bookkeeper or accountant, especially when all costs are considered including payroll taxes, benefits, recruitment, training, office space, IT, management and turnover expenses. In addition, your team members are always available and possess a broad range of knowledge and expertise to handle any complex accounting issues that may arise.

With ARI, you get an entire team of accounting professionals designed to meet your specific needs – not just one individual – so you will have various contact points across the organization, based on the topic at hand.

Some businesses need an individual who can serve as an extension of their management team to review financials with shareholders, participate in business strategy and decision-making sessions, and attend meetings with their board of directors. Your Controller/CFO is always available to answer your questions or discuss any aspect of your business’s finances.

Our clients range from start-up companies to companies with $20 million in revenue. Whatever the size, most are looking for a long-term, multi-year relationship with a trusted accounting partner and are interested in using financial reports to run their business and guide their decision making. Some clients maintain an in-house bookkeeper or accountant and some outsource all of these tasks to us.

Although we work out of our offices in Glastonbury, CT, we’re available to meet at our client’s location, as needed. By working in a central location, we eliminate travel time and have access to state-of-the-art technology and accounting systems. And, because several people are familiar with your business, you’ll always have a professional to turn to with a question or concern. We pride ourselves on our quick, informed responses to our clients’ questions.

To get started, simply give us a call. We’ll discuss your current situation and your goals and determine if we can be of help. If so, we’ll meet with you to understand more in depth the specific needs of your business. We’ll prepare a proposal for you to review and sign. Once engaged, we’ll begin to set up the systems and processes to enable us to move forward, we’ll perform any necessary cleanup and then we’ll transition to our regular monthly services.

We do not prepare and file income tax returns, but if you are in need of those services we can refer you to a trusted CPA firm that we have worked with. We do provide an income tax support package to our clients’ CPAs at year-end. We also prepare and file sales and use taxes and property taxes to ensure your business complies with government regulations.

The majority of our clients use QuickBooks; however, we have experience with several other accounting platforms.

We understand. That’s a major concern for us too. That’s why we sign a non-disclosure agreement with each of our clients and why we have the utmost security built into our business systems.

Many vendors email bills or make them available for download, which can be automated in QuickBooks. Inevitably, clients do receive some paper bills and usually scan and submit them to our document management system. For bank information and credit card statements, we ask that our clients set up read-only user accounts for us.

The technology systems we use are established third-party systems, all or most all of which undergo annual independent internal control audits. All of our systems have built-in redundancy. Security standards are the same or similar to those used by online banking systems. All systems require individual usernames and passwords, which contain lockout features. We test our disaster recovery plan twice each year. ARI employees are subject to background checks and annual training on handling and securing sensitive data.

While ARI does not provide payroll services, we maintain relationships with many payroll providers and can manage the process for your business.

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