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Human Resources

ARI Relationship With Your Business

By Accounting Resources March 28, 2024

Human Resources (HR) provides an important link between a business’ leaders and employees. Should this link weaken or break, a business may find itself open to various problems, such as: legal challenges, business disrtuption and decreased productivity, higher turnover, and lowered employee morale. It is for this reason that a business must have a strong HR provider, who has the knowledge and resources to address all HR-related matters.

Within ARI’s HR consulting practice, our clients have seamless access to their dedicated HR team members. Depending upon the nature of an engagement with ARI, your team will be assigned different staff memebers, at varying HR levels, to address all your HR-related needs. Our HR team memebrs can enhance your existing HR function, or we can support the outsourcing of your HR function entirely. Within our team, you and your staff can receive the following day-to-day levels of support:

HR Manager

  • Employee Relations Support
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Policies and Procedure Development and Implementation
  • Job Description Development
  • HR compliance/Risk Management
  • Management and Staff Training

HR Generalist

  • Employee Benefits Resource
  • Open Enrollment Coordination
  • Leave Administration
  • General Employee Resource

HR Administrator

  • Onboarding/Offboarding Coordination
  • I-9 Documentation Completion
  • Day-to-Day HR Administration/HRIS Administration
  • Benefits Administration
  • HRIS Reports Requests
  • 1099 Administration

Your support also includes access to our SVP of HR, who oversees all of our client accounts and who provides guidance to your business’ leadership on matters requiring further escalation beyond the HR Manager level. Rounding out our team are our Recruiting Specialists, who help clients with all their talent acquisition needs, and Payroll Specialists, who can provide payroll support.

As a HR client of ARI, your business has direct daily access to their HR team memebrs for all of your HR-related matters. ARI prides itself on repsonding to clients requests withing 24 hours of receipt of the request, at the very least to assess the depth of the response required, and on-demand for urgent matters. We set weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meetings with memebrs of your business depending upon your preferred candence.

For further information regarding ARI’s HR service offerings and team members to fit your business’ needs, contact us today and chceck out 8 Benefits of Outsourcing Your HR Function.


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