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What the Process to Outsource My Human Resources Function to ARI?

By Accounting Resources June 20, 2024

Can you explain the process to transition my Human Resources function to ARI?

It may sound like a daunting task to transition your human resources function to someone outside of your organization or, even worse, to create an HR infrastructure from the ground up.

Rest assured that our HR team has navigated this process with new clients many times, and we are confident our approach will make your transition smooth and seamless.

Initial Phone Screening

We will begin with a phone call in which key players from your organization describe your organization’s needs. This conversation typically lasts about one hour. During this time, our team will listen intently and pose questions, including what ongoing services you require and what special projects (i.e., updating your employee handbook, conducting a compliance audit, recruiting new employees) if any, your team is looking to have completed.

Here is a list of questions we will typically ask during an initial phone screening as well as a list of available HR services.

If both sides determine ARI may be a good fit for your organization, we will move to prepare a proposal for your review.

Estimation of Monthly Cost and Proposal Generation

Based on the information your team provides in the initial phone screening, we will estimate the amount of time we will devote to your account on a monthly basis. As a client, you receive access to a team of HR professionals with differing levels of expertise (manager, generalist, administrator, etc.) who are billed at different rates.

To learn more about what factors can influence your monthly fee, check out this blog.

We will provide a proposal detailing your monthly fee as well as any project costs. If your team has questions after reviewing the proposal, we may host another call to address these questions in depth.

Once you have reviewed the proposal and signed the engagement letter, we’ll get the ball rolling.

Kickoff Meeting

Key members of your team and members of ARI’s HR team will meet, either in person or virtually, to hash out the details of your HR engagement.

Together, we’ll determine when project work will begin, when and how our team will access your HR information, and when we can introduce ourselves to your staff. If you are currently using a Human Resources Information System (HRIS), we’ll discuss the details to access that. If your organization does not have an HRIS, file sharing will likely be done via some type of secure file sharing software, such as Microsoft ShareFile. If you maintain paper files, we’ll set a time for a member of our team to begin reviewing them.

If we have agreed that a member of our team is to be on your site periodically, we’ll outline who that will be and will set a schedule.

Ongoing Communication

Initially, as we work to understand your systems and processes, our HR team will likely be communicating with someone in your organization daily. Then, we’ll determine the optimal cadence and methods of communication going forward.

With smaller organizations, we may schedule a weekly or monthly check-in. For larger organizations, we typically communicate daily or, at least, several times per week.

ARI Is a Part of Your Team

Members of our HR team pride themselves on becoming a trusted HR advisor for you and your organization. We take the time to truly understand your organization, your industry, and your goals and work to understand your HR challenges and how we can best support you. We serve as a part of your team and are fully integrated in your organization – just as if you have a full-time HR professional in house. This may include attending staff meetings and committee gatherings and onboarding new employees, among other things.

Our clients typically don’t view us as an outsourced resource. They see us as a trusted and valued partner!

To understand what factors influence the cost of outsourcing your HR function, read this article.

Still wondering if outsourcing is right for you? Hear from our senior VP of HR services in this video.

Or read this article to discover the 8 benefits of outsourcing your human resources management.

If you’d like to discuss your HR needs with a member of our team, contact us today.

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