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What’s the Process to Transition My Accounting Function to ARI?

By Accounting Resources May 08, 2024

We understand there can be angst when you’re considering outsourcing your accounting function and entrusting important financial documents to those outside your organization.

Here’s how we typically ensure ARI is the right fit for a prospective client (and vice versa) and how we streamline the onboarding process to minimize stress and anxiety.

Introductory Phone Screening

The process begins with an initial phone call screening. You will participate in a 10-to-15-minute introductory call with a member of our sales team to determine if ARI might be a good fit for your organization. Whether you are a seasoned outsourced veteran or are new to the outsourced accounting model, it’s important to go through this initial screening so we can understand your accounting needs, your scope of services, your timing, as well as your current situation.

In-Depth Exploratory Meeting with a Management Team Member
Once your organization has been qualified, we will schedule a meeting with a member of our management team to do a much deeper dive into your company. This meeting will last approximately one hour during which time we will ask a myriad of questions about your company and your situation. This is a critical, fact-finding meeting as it helps us understand your organization at a much deeper level and helps us accurately define the scope of services you need. We will go through a standard list of questions as well as our Scope of Services document to frame our discussion.

If you’re a for-profit business, click here for the see the questions we will ask and a list of our Scope of Services.

If you’re a not-for-profit organization, click here to see the questions we will ask and a list of our Scope of Services.

Here are examples of some of the questions we will ask:

  • What accounting platform do you currently use?
  • How many individuals do you employ?
  • What is your annual revenue (business) / annual budget (nonprofit)?
  • How many programs do you manage (nonprofit)?
  • How many bank accounts do you have?
  • How many credit cards do your employees hold?

This is also an opportunity for us to thoroughly describe our process and answer any questions you may have about our firm.

Aside from cost, here are a few questions we often hear from prospective clients:

  • How will we transfer our accounting data to you?
  • Who will be doing my accounting?
  • Can I speak to someone if I have a question?
  • Will an accountant physically come to my site?
  • How quickly can we get started?

Non-Disclosure Agreement
If there is mutual agreement to proceed, we will send you a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as a way to protect the integrity of our relationship. An NDA is a contract between two or more parties that prevents sensitive information from being shared with others outside the organizations.

Review of Your Accounting Records
When both parties have signed the NDA, we will ask you to grant us access to your accounting records and share some basic financial information, i.e., an invitation to your QuickBooks Online file, a copy of your QuickBooks desktop file, or access to your general ledger platform. This enables us to review the heart of your accounting operations.

With this information, we will analyze your transactions and processes and determine if your books and records require cleaning up. Based on what we see, we may have additional questions for you.  Sometimes, to ensure thorough understanding of particular items, we will walk new clients through their financials and accounts and ask specific questions about each.

Proposal Preparation
With comprehensive understanding of your organization’s accounting needs, we will prepare a proposal for the scope of services we believe you require, including all monthly and year-end services we expect to perform.

We break our fee structure into two parts – one includes a one-time charge to get all records and systems in good shape and the other is for ongoing monthly services.

  1. System review and design (a one-time charge): For records clean-up, system design review of your current accounting processes, changes made to your chart of accounts, banking and credit card reconciliations, catch up work, as well as developing the monthly closing schedules, if necessary.
  2. Monthly accounting services: (a flat monthly fee): Rest assured that we will never upcharge you or send any additional bills without first having a discussion with you about scope changes.


Engagement Letter

The last phase in the process is formal signing of the engagement letter. When this is complete, you are officially a client of Accounting Resources Inc. Congratulations and welcome! [Hopefully you can now breathe easier knowing we’ve got this.]


To get an idea of how much it will cost to outsource your accounting function, read this article.

Still wondering if outsourcing if right for you? Watch this video to discover the 10 benefits of outsourcing your accounting function.

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